Trudy Scott

Write Your First Book to Grow Your Biz and Extend Your Reach

Sunday, May 5th
Breakout Session III – 8:15-9:30am

The desire to write your first book is an exciting prospect and there are many components that can contribute to your success. Firstly, what are your objectives for writing this book and what is the best publishing option for you.  Much goes into the actual book-writing process other than writing: legal considerations, research, writer’s block, the cover, copyediting and much more.  Writing your book is just the start – now you must market and sell it once it has been published.  There are many effective marketing and PR tools that will get the job done: a website and blog, a newsletter, free and paid speaking, social media, HARO, book reviews, TV and radio interviews, press releases and more. Learn the whys and the hows: what worked for me and what I would have done differently and “case studies” from successful authors/nutritional professionals of traditional, self-published, multi-author and eBooks,   so you too can write your first book, grow your business and extend your reach.

About Trudy

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Trudy Scott is a food mood expert, certified nutritionist, speaker and author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings (2011, New Harbinger).  Her book consistently ranks in the top 100 anxiety books on Amazon and she has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Chatelaine, AARP and Sacramento Magazine, has appeared on Good Day Sacramento and Fox 40, and been interviewed on the NPR/Capitol Public Radio Insight show by Jeffrey Callison. Trudy has a nutrition practice with a focus on food, mood and women’s health. She loves to share the amazing healing powers of food and nutrients for eliminating anxiety and other mood problems. Trudy is a member of Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and presents nationally to mental health practitioners. She is past president of the NANP and in 2012 she won the Golden Carrot IMPACT Award. Trudy publishes an electronic newsletter: Food, Mood and Gal Stuff, available at and  She lives in Northern California with her wonderful husband and they enjoy windsurfing, mountain-biking and skiing.  Trudy’s goal for all her clients: “You can be your healthiest, look your best and feel on-top-of-the-world!”

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