2017 The Scoop Webinar Schedule

December 14, 2017

Creating Awareness: Key for Sustaining Change and Lasting Results - Dr. Joel Kreisberg, DC, PCC

Does ‘counseling’ mean helping your clients learn about diet? Or how they make choices around food? Do your clients follow through with your nutritional advice? How long does the average client stay with his or her program? If you find yourself not getting the results you had hoped for, or talking more than listening during sessions, it is time to shift towards counseling first, and then nutritional nuts and bolts. That’s the emphasis of health coaching. Studies show that shifting the ‘mindset’ is far more powerful and lasting than simply sharing knowledge when learning new lasting health generating behaviors. In this webinar, Dr. Kreisberg will introduce a model for creating self-awareness based in learning, mindfulness and narrative. You’ll leave with a clear sense of how to listen to, reflect and engage your clients in a way that sustains change and supports lasting results.

Upon completion students will:

  • Become familiar with a model of change based in growth and learning 
  • Have a deeper understanding of the value and purpose of building strong reflective skills
  • Learn three techniques for building awareness when counseling clients

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