Advertising Guidelines

Payments, scheduling and content timelines:

  • e-newsletter - one month in advance 
  • e-blast - two weeks in advance

Content requirements - we'll need the following to run your ad:

  • Your logo in .jpg, or .png format
  • Your ad copy or language 
  • Your URL link and promo code, if giving a discount
  • If advertising multiple times, please provide fresh ad copy for each occurrence

Publishing Policies:

  • E-newsletters are published bi-weekly; therefore, your ad will appear in Nourishing Bytes once per month.
  • E-blasts will be sent out once a month.
  • All cancellations must be in writing and received 7 days prior to publishing date. 
  • No cancellations accepted after closing date. 
  • Advertisers and their representative advertising agencies placing digital and/or print advertisements assume liability for the content (images, text, trademarks, copyrighted matter, testimonials) of their print and/or digital advertisements.
  • NANP reserves the right to refuse or cancel, for any reason and without notice, any advertisement or series of advertisements. 
  • The NANP Event calendar is subject to change.
  • For multiple ads, we recommend alternating in e-newsletter and e-blast ads, for maximum impact and exposure.


  • Promo codes or URL’s that are not functioning properly may delay the publication of your ad(s).
  • NANP members and partners receive 25% off all ads and ad packages.
 Email us for more details