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When was the last time you played? I mean really played at something? I know, we’re all adults, so why on earth am I asking such a ridiculous question?

Back in college, in an Early Childhood Development class I learned that for children play is actually work. Engaging in play helps kids work out ideas about interpersonal relationships, how to problem solve and better understand the world around them. As adults we play at sports, games, and hobbies. But for some of us, even that type of play is rare.

A few years ago, I attended a conference that had a surprising keynote experience. Walking into the general session that sat approximately 400 association executives, it was hard not to notice the large beach balls at the center of each table. The keynote speaker was a play specialist and executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission was to teach children in disaster-stricken areas to play again.

As part of his presentation, he got us out of our seats and assigned us the task of playing with the beach ball at our table. We must’ve been quite a sight in our business suits and uncomfortable shoes, volleying a beach ball from one side of the round tables to another. It didn’t take long for the entire room to crescendo into a roar of laughter and giggles. Talk about an ice breaker!

The tie-in… I think we can all agree that holistic nutrition is about the integration of mind, body and spirit. Where the spirit is concerned, we know the importance of thinking positive thoughts and living peacefully. But what about sheer joy? What of laughter and play? If we take time to play (and dare I say, even be a little silly!) how much more joy can we invite into our lives?

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