Continuing Education Requirements

NANP Professional Members are required to earn ten (10) CEUs annually for membership renewal. Members can combine Category I and Category II CEUs to achieve the required ten (10) CEUs; a minimum of five (5) CEUs must be Category I.

Members who are Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® are required to earn thirty (30) CEUs per two (2) year term to maintain board certification; fifteen (15) of which must be Category I. 
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Attention Nutrition Teachers/Educators/Curriculum Developers! 

Do you work as a teacher/professor of nutrition in post-secondary education, college or university setting? If so, a letter from your employer, indicating that you have met the annual Continuing Education requirements for your job will satisfy the annual NANP CE requirement.

CEU Categories

Category I CEUs

  • Programs/seminars given by other organizations that are pre-approved by NANP
  • CEU approved articles, videos, books, short courses and seminars offered by the NANP, many of which are made available for purchase via the NANP website
  • Only half of your Category I CEU requirements may be met using the Scoop webinars or www.NANP360 books & videos. The rest must come from other sources, such as conferences, short courses, seminars, articles, etc.

Category II CEUs

CEU Terms

All CEU credits must be earned during the current membership year. If you exceed CEU requirements, extra CEUs will not roll over at renewal. For example, a member whose effective date is June 1 will have a renewal cycle of June 1- May 31. CEUs that apply to the renewal date of June 1 must be earned by May 31. Any additional CEUs earned during that time period cannot be applied to the next year’s membership term. 

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