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Earn Twenty (20) Category I CEUs

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The Functional Nutrition Approaches to Gut Health program provides foundational and contemporary evidence-based guidelines for addressing gastrointestinal dysfunction. This 18-module (20 credit) continuing education program is designed to help you recognize and understand the underlying causes of gastrointestinal disorders. It gives you the tools you need to provide effective metabolic and nutrition support for clients in need. The course provides narrated slide shows, slide handouts (PDFs), and fully designed FYI sheets to serve as a “go-to” database once the course is complete.

Applicable learning objects include:

  1. Describe common gastrointestinal conditions that have a nutritional/functional medicine component
  2. Identify signs, symptoms, and contributing factors for each condition
  3. Explain testing methods available for each condition
  4. Describe 5R guidelines as part of individualized therapy
  5. Identify targeted nutrition support guidelines for each condition

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Earn Eleven (11) Category I CEUs

Revitalize Digestion For Practitioners (Students Welcome!)

Learn to Guide Your Clients through a 30-day Anti-Inflammatory, Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program

Presenter: Erin Livers, ICNT

Description: Learn a proven Program to create foundational health in your clients. This 30-day Anti-inflammatory, Elimination-Challenge Diet & Gut Healing Program will bring your education together and allow you to heal the gut, resolve gut symptoms, balance blood sugar, identify food sensitivities, replete nutrients and reduce pain, inflammation, and excess weight for your clients in 30 days. This step-by-step workshop will give you everything you need to guide your clients through this Program immediately.

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Earn 30 Category I CEUs

Certified Digestive Mastery Practitioner Logo

Digestive Mastery: How to Uncover and Repair the Root Cause of Chronic, Persistent Health Challenges.

Develop the Skills YOU Need to Lead Your Clients to True Healing and Inner Peace
… And Become an Indispensable Miracle Worker in Their Lives.

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Earn 8 Category I CEUs

Want to become intimately familiar with the foundational imbalance of Gluten Related Disorders (with or without Celiac Disease)? Surface knowledge is not even good enough for the average Practitioner - let alone those on the cutting-edge in their field.

Certified Gluten Practitioner Program Logo

Also included as a BONUS - 10 copies of a 30-minute DVD interview with Dr. O'Bryan on the Basics of Gluten:Gluten Isn't Bad for You; Bad Gluten Is Bad For You! What is it: What havoc can it cause: How does it affect the family? This interview is the perfect 'take home' material for the patient and their families to better understand the basics of the vast topic of Gluten Sensitivity.

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From Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab

Digestive Intensive Course

Approved for thirty (30) Category I CEUs

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 Approved for two (2) Category I CEUs

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TAP Integrative stands for Teach, Advocate and Practice integrative medicine. Its mission is to promote learning, advance integrative medicine and create a community where current research and best practices are shared with the goal to enhance patient outcomes. Every month, new clinical topics and TAP experts are featured. For every topic, there is a variety of original and peer-reviewed content including a Q&A, expert commentaries (Practical Perspectives), audio abstracts, research briefs, informative technical illustrations and patient resources. TAP members have the ability to directly ask experts key questions, participate in an online forum, and request free full text articles on demand.

Intestinal Permeability
Increased intestinal permeability is a condition in which intestinal lining is damaged or changed in such a way that allows relatively large particles to leak through the intestinal mucosa into the bloodstream. These particles can include toxins, undigested food, and waste. This can result in an inflammatory response, as the immune system responds to the perceived threats.

A weakened endothelial lining in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to a wide variety of health issues. Because of this, repairing the intestinal lining can be a key strategy creating significant positive clinical outcomes. An integrative approach employs natural alternatives to H2 receptor antagonists, as well as supplements to help strengthen the intestinal lining and reverse permeability.

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