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Approved for sixteen (16) Category I CEUs

Beyond Holistic Medicine: The Biological Wisdom of German New Medicine for Practitioners  Bio HealthWorks Institute Logo

In the early 1980’s, a physician made a revolutionary discovery that diseases – from a cold to cancer – are not “caught,” nor are they malfunctions or malignancies. Instead, they are significant biological programs that assist us during times of unexpected distress.

Firmly anchored in our knowledge of embryology, GNM is a new biological science that reshapes our view of all symptoms and diseases.

This course, designed specifically for practitioners, teaches the five biological laws of German New Medicine that explain the cause, the development and the natural healing of diseases and how to use it effectively in a clinical practice.

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Approved for thirty (30) Category I CEUs

Let the oncologist be the disease expert. Become the health expert for whom cancer patients are looking.

  • Transform the health span and life span of your patients
  • American Institute of Integrative Oncology LogoProvide cancer prevention and support for health and longevity
  • Support patients during and after their conventional oncology treatments
  • Change lives and deliver health

Dr. Nalini Chilkov's Foundations of Integrative Oncology Course is designed to deliver the knowledge, resources, and mentoring so that front line health professionals like you can confidently support the health of the millions of patients at diagnosis, in treatment, recovering, or living with cancer as a chronic illness who are desperately seeking the health ally to round out their cancer care team.

You may not treat cancer in your practice. But now you can become the go-to Integrative Cancer Care expert in your community and serve an ever-expanding patient need.

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Approved for thirty (30) Category I CEUs

HOLISTIC NUTRITION CERTIFICATIONAmerican Fitness Professionals & Associates Logo

The Holistic Nutrition Certification program provides an unprecedented, evidence-based, professional training in holistic nutrition, whole foods and plant-based nutrition, which will provide you with a strong skill-set and the confidence to coach and consult with any client seeking to not only prevent, but reverse disease, and gain optimal health. Want to learn more about GMO's, organics, veganism, vegetarianism, whole foods, Paleo, dairy, non-dairy and how to achieve total wellness? This program is for you! As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist trained in natural complimentary nutrition you will be able to coach, consult and advise clients on how to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of health complaints, and design personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health.

SPECIAL NOTE: This program may not provide NEW information for holistically trained nutrition professionals. However, the program is well-referenced and may be useful for research purposes.

Approved for six (6) Category I CEUs

Healthy Home Project Logo

The Healthy Home Project with Environmental Toxicity Specialist Tonya Harris, MSHN, BCHNTM

Whether your clients are still experiencing symptoms or are having trouble losing weight and diet alone isn’t working, there may be a missing piece to the puzzle: environmental toxins. While there are many we can’t control outside the home, there are many inside the home that we can.

This course is designed to help the practitioner teach their client how to discover which common toxins in their home could be affecting their health by addressing three main areas of the home: the kitchen (food & beverages), the bathroom (personal care products & cosmetics), and the laundry room (laundry and cleaning products).

After completing this course, practitioners will be able to prioritize which toxins to avoid for their clients' own unique needs, how to identify (hidden and not-so-hidden) toxins on ingredient labels, and will be able to give clients options for safer products to buy.

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Thirty (30) Category I CEUs


Develop highly specialized skills to get to the root cause of your
client’s complex health challenges and get them back on track to
vibrant health.

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Four (4) Category I CEUs

Remission Nutrition Logo
Applications of the Ketogenic Diet in Cancer with Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT

Designed for the already in practice health professional looking to integrate the use of the
ketogenic diet for cancer clients into their practice. Learning how to safely and effectively
support clients integrate a ketogenic diet to support their cancer process is the leading edge 
dietary therapy.

Three, 1 hour live, one-on-one  training sessions.

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Eight (8) Category I CEUs

Winning Words Workshop Logo

Conquer Fear and Be Yourself. Discover the Best Way To Write and 
Speak With The Power of Positive Psychology.

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Eight (8) Category I CEUs

NANP MembeCertified Gluten Practitioner Program Logors get Get 20% OffGo to Member Discounts.

Want to become intimately familiar with the foundational imbalance of Gluten Related Disorders (with or without 
Celiac Disease)? Surface knowledge is not even good enough for the average Practitioner - let alone those on
the cutting-edge in their field.

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CHEK Institute Logo

Earn fifteen (15) Category 1 CEUs

Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections - The Absolute Essentials correspondence course

Presented by Paul Chek

Manual, 4 DVDs (5 hours and 7 minutes) and test - Online testing available.

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Four Courses Worth Thirty (30) Category I CEUs Each:Edison Institute Logo

  • Lipid Metabolism
  • Nutrition Symptomology
  • Advanced Nutrition Practice
  • Prescription Drug-Nutrient Interaction

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Thirty (30) Category I CEUsLara Adler Photo

Certificate Course in Environmental Health – ADVANCED 12 Month Course.

An intensive training and business mentor-ship program. 

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Six (6) Category I CEUs 

The Funky Kitchen 6-Week Program

Life-transforming direction on traditional food preparation AND a very gracious affiliate program?! 
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Continuing Education through Hawthorn University

Hawthorn University Logo

Ten (10) Category I CEUs:

  • Herbal Cooking: Using Food as Medicine
  • The Business of Health & Nutrition 

Four (4) Category I CEUs:

  • A Guide for Home Caregivers
  • Business Management for the Holistic Nutrition Professional
  • Optimal Thyroid Health

Three (3) Category I CEUs:

  • Nutritional Strategies to Prevent & Manage Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Responding to Risks of Genetically Modified Foods
  • Skills for the Home Health Aide
  • Successful Coaching Skills
  • Understanding Gluten Intolerance & Preventing Celiac Disease

Two (2) Category I CEUs:

  • Stress Management: Reduce Stress and Live Better

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Thirty (30) Category I CEUsHolistic Nutrition Lab Logo

From Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab 

Full Body Systems Course

A Comprehensive Online Functional Nutrition Immersion that shows you how to be the LAST STOP on your 
client’s health journey and become that go-to Health Practitioner that other clinicians trust to send any client (even the toughest cases).

Two (2) Category I CEUs

TAP Integrative Logo

Endocrine Disruptors

By focusing on the obesogen pathways and supporting liver detoxification, these patients can successfully lose weight and in the process regain their health.

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