December 5, 2018



Note from Our Executive Director: Nicole Hodson

Ready to Share Your Passion?

As someone who loves to cook, I was thrilled when my friend and colleague, Dr. Tammera Karr asked me to contribute a few recipes to her new cookbook. I’ve dreamed of writing my own someday, with a focus on the nourishing, full flavored, and colorful Persian foods of my childhood. So of course, when Tam asked, I was more than happy to play… and even a bit flattered!


In awe, I watched each day as the emails came rushing in about new contributors, recipes, and narratives from Tam’s extensive NANP network. In just a few short weeks her cookery book, a companion to the original work, Our Journey with Food, went from a mere concept to a full-blown reality. The pace at which this project came to fruition was somewhat astonishing and struck me as a fantastic example of how our community comes together.


Always looking for ways to help our members find success I asked Tammera how on earth she pulled this cookbook together so quickly and seamlessly. Here’s what she said, “I started out with a lot of self-doubt and negative assumptions. I knew I wanted to ask my fellow NANP-ers to participate, but I convinced myself that they were too busy, or wouldn’t be interested. Everything changed when my husband Michael finally said, ‘Get over yourself and ASK!’ Once I started asking my community for contributions, things began to move and fall into place.”

Dr. Karr offers these nuggets of wisdom when it comes to collaborating with your community:

  • You don’t know who will be thrilled to work with you. In factYou don’t know who will be thrilled to work with you. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised. 
  • You’ll have more interested parties than you think. Go for it and organize your dream team. 
  • It’s easy to be your own worst enemy. Don’t fall into this trap by building barriers to success; be open and things will fall into place. 
  • Sharing your passion will attract others who feel the same. 
  • You belong to an amazing community… ASK! 

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A Non-cannabis, Nutritional
Approach to Impacting the
Endocannabinoid System

With Michael Murray N.D.

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In this informative presentation, Dr. Murray will highlight a more holistic view of the ECS and discuss dietary, lifestyle, and supplement strategies that support, nourish, and impact the
Endocannabinoid system.

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NANP Member Forum

This week we are talking about:

Neurodegenerative Brain iron accumulation 

7 year old boy with the MTHFR mutation and auto-immune disease 

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