August 9th, 2017


What are the benefits of board certification?

Let’s begin with a little history: the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board was founded in 2003 as a division of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals with the objective of creating an advanced-knowledge examination to be proctored only to qualified, credentialed holistic nutrition professionals. A goal of the HNCB is to further credential a growing body of nutrition professionals who exemplify a standard of excellence the public can trust to deliver the highest integrity holistic nutritional therapy and consulting services. NTA is proud to be a recognized and approved holistic nutrition education program through the NANP, having met and surpassed NANP’s rigorous educational standards, which then qualifies practicing NTA graduates to sit for the board certification examination.


By offering Board Certification, the NANP provides the NTA’s certified NTCs and NTPs an opportunity to join a much broader community of like-minded holistic nutrition providers with collectively high standards of service and professionalism. Becoming “Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®” demonstrates you have achieved the highest level of professional recognition and validation of your knowledge and experience in the holistic nutrition industry, which sets you apart in a competitive health and wellness modality marketplace. The term “Board Certified” often conjures an image of an enhanced level of knowledge and a deeper level of experience consumers may seek simply because it represents the “best of the best.”

Other benefits of Board Certification include increased credibility and validity of your NTC/NTP credential in the eyes of the network of providers within the traditional and complementary medical community, within the realm of academia and research, and certainly within your clientele. Board Certification conveys to your clients an additional layer of assurance that you conduct your nutritional therapy practice within your legal scope of practice with the highest regard for professional conduct while also delivering quality results. The additional effort to elevate yourself to be among the best in the field of holistic nutrition is well worth it as you can market the fact you’ve met additional educational, clinical practice, and ethical standards required by a larger professional credentialing body. Becoming Board Certified also means you’ll enjoy greater access to professional quality supplement lines usually only available to licensed providers as well as receive discounts on other health products, practice management services, and more for those who hold the Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition® credential.

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Environmental Medicine Bootcamp 101

This Bootcamp is for you if you (are):

  • New to Environmental Medicine and wish to incorporate this into your practice.
  • An experienced practitioner who wants an update on the new standards for toxic metal testing.
  • Want to avoid the pitfalls in metals testing and the unexplored territory in testing for everyday non-metal toxicant exposures.

CEUs: Seven (7) NANP Category I CEUs

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Portland, Oregon | Saturday, September 9, 2017

 GI Case Studies and the

Gut-Thyroid Connection

Dr. Michael Ruscio

Join us for a webinar on
Thursday August 10, 2017,
11:00 AM PDT

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In this webinar Dr. Ruscio will provide a distillation of both the medical research and his clinical observations to provide the attendees with simple yet powerful techniques for optimizing gut health.

New Approved School

The Hill College Holistic Wellness Pathway was designed by Dr. Lori Rose (PhD), a college life sciences instructor, holistic nutritionist, wellness coach, and clinical herbalist.  

It is the only program that integrates three different holistic pathways into one program (nutrition, coaching, and clinical herbalism), all while maintaining the rigor of college courses combined with the affordability of a community college.  

Because Hill College is regionally accredited, students can use financial aid and veteran's benefits towards the school's very reasonable tuition rates.  Students can also expand their wellness education into an Associate of Science degree if desired. 

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Call for Speakers and
Pre-Conference Proposals

Applications Now Being Accepted!

Deadline September 15th.

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