Note from our President: Miriam Zacharias 

Last fall I was asked to develop and teach a class on leadership at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. I jumped at the chance! After all, I am passionate about the topic and have personally studied it for years. This would be fun… and easy.

Or so I thought.

To begin with, nearly everything ever written about leadership focuses on C-suite executives who manage vast teams and run multi-million dollar corporations. Translating this information to be applicable for the holistic practitioner was going to take some finesse.

I also realized that I would have to do some myth-busting around what leadership really is. Unfortunately, perceptions of leadership have been overtaken by the cult of celebrity. Many believe that only the rich, the extroverted, the famous, and those who are at the top of their field or industry are the true leaders among us.

But here’s the truth. More than 1000 studies have been conducted to pinpoint the definitive traits of great leaders. Know what they found? Nothing! Zip, zero, nada. In fact, not one of these studies has been able to produce a clear profile of what it takes to be an ideal leader.

You don’t need to have a position of power or an impressive title to lead. Rather, leading involves creating a vision for a better future. It’s about social influence.

A recent experience of mine explains this well.

While waiting for a shuttle to the airport following our NANP conference a few weeks ago, I struck up a conversation with a conference-goer, Johanna Setta, who was also outside waiting for a cab. It turns out that she had been awarded one of our coveted student scholarships for the conference. We hadn’t yet met, and I was delighted to grab this opportunity to get to know her better.

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The Trilogy in the Development of Autoimmune Disease

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On May 11th the North Carolina House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation that would create an exemption for the unlicensed practice of nutrition. This will immediately, upon passage by the Senate and signed by the Governor, greatly improve the practice of holistic nutrition.

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