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 Approved for thirty (30) Category I CEUs

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Functional Herbal Therapy course

We've combined the very best of western herbal medicine, modern science, and clinical practice to provide you with a unique online learning experience. Functional Herbal Therapy will energize and enhance and enrich your clinical practice.

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Approved for thirty (30) Category I CEUs

Herbal Medicine Making, Wildcrafting, and Plant IdentificationHill College Texas Logo

This course will teach you how to identify, harvest, grow, and create medicine with local edible and medicinal plants.  Combined with understanding biology topics of genetics, epigenetics, phylogeny, and photosynthesis, students will learn which medicine making techniques to use with which plant phytochemicals, as well as why and how these phytochemicals are medicinal.  Students will learn to make herbal oils, tinctures, salves, vinegars, teas, and electuaries, how to start medicinal herb seeds, and how to make an herbarium with locally harvested plants.  Students will also learn the basics of FDA compliance for selling herbal products.  The missing link to nutrition!

Sustainable Environmental Cultivation of Organic Food and Medicinal Herbs

This course will teach students everything they need to know about sustainably growing organic food and medicinal herbs, no matter where they live.  Through exploring environmental biology topics like population growth, community and ecosystem dynamics, and conservation and restoration, students will learn how to create backyard and worm bin compost, make compost tea, follow an organic fertilization and pest control schedule, and how to design an optimal garden plan for whatever dwelling they live in.  This hands-on class will include in-person or virtual field trips, as well as hands-on labs.  The missing link to holistic nutrition: home grown organic food!

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Thirty (30) Category I CEUs

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Gain experience working with real clients under the direct supervision
of experienced herbal and nutritional therapy practitioners. The faculty
of K.P. Khalsa’s International Integrative Educational Institute brings
together highly trained professional herbalists, naturopathic physicians and
TCM practitioners so that you obtain your clinical/internship hours from
instructors with real-world clinical experience.

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Thirty (30) Category I CEUs

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The Only Comprehensive Online Cannabis Education Program Offering, You, Your Clients & Your Family A True Holistic Approach To Medical Marijuana.

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