Thank you for making a difference in the world

Miriam Zacharias PhotoThank you for making a difference in the world!

Each day, I am inspired by the work that you do. And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you’re like many people in this industry, me included, you gave up a cozy job in a safe environment along with a steady paycheck. You pursued your passion despite the costs, driven by a burning desire to set things right in the world of health. And you choose to stick with it even during tough times and, for some of you, with a certain degree of risk.

Your devotion to your work became especially poignant to me during a recent experience with my husband, Jay. Years ago, Jay was a management consultant: He would travel 5 days a week, every week, to help companies re-tool their processes, systems, and teams to be more effective. His work put him in front of hundreds of individuals each year who, for the most part, despised their jobs.

That’s why this next bit is so revealing. Jay recently joined me at a conference with practitioners just like you. Here he had an opportunity to learn, first-hand, about your work, hear your stories, and generally experience the overall “gestalt” of our community.

One night at dinner following the event, Jay said something to me that made a huge impact. He said:

“Honey, I’ve worked with a ton of people over the years, but I’ve never seen so many people who are as passionate about their work as these guys. I’m guessing that few of them had parents who insisted that they find work in the holistic health industry. They came here for a bigger reason. They know their ‘why’.”

I loved hearing him say these words! Of course, I know this, and you know this. But witnessing the power of this passion through an outsider’s eyes is a whole new level of WOW for me.

How many people do you know that are as excited about their work as you? Not many, I bet. In fact very few individuals are even aware of, let alone connected to, their core purpose. Their work is all about the end game: when can I stop working and start enjoying life?

You experience joy every single day through your service to others. It doesn’t get any better than that.

So, on that note, I want to be more specific in my gratitude to you. Thanks for:

  • Going against the tide and pursuing your calling, despite the naysayers and doubters in your life.
  • Doing the hard work needed to help those who are desperate and hurting.
  • Staying motivated through the ups and downs of unpredictable market cycles (and fickle clients).
  • Keeping current on the latest nutrition science and powerfully integrating it into your work.
  • Reaching out to your NANP peers and our dedicated support team for solutions to take your work and life to whole new levels of success.

It’s your stubborn determination in the face of these challenges – and more – that I admire most about you. Your passion fuels the work that I feel called to do. Not only my day job that pays the bills, but my role with the NANP, too.

I applaud you for staying the course.

I am deeply grateful for your courage and contributions to the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

With deep affection,

Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, NTC, BCHNTM
President, NANP

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