How to Gain More Joy and Success with Less Stuff

Miriam Zacharias PhotoHow to Gain More Joy and Success with Less Stuff by Miriam Zacharias

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You are Not Alone!

You are Not Alone!Nicole Hodson Photo

Before joining the NANP team I worked in private practice out of my home office. I loved working from home, helping clients reach their health goals and being a part of the solution they were seeking. The upsides of working at home were many: I no longer had to drive across town to work, fight for parking or wear uncomfortable business suits, nylons and heels. I was able to oversee my own schedule and even throw in a load of laundry when I needed. Life was good!

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Sponsored by Splenda. Really?

Miriam Zacharias PhotoSponsored by Splenda. Really?

I was working on a project for the NANP a couple of weeks ago. The task at hand was clarifying what the holistic nutrition profession is all about, how we work to ensure optimal client outcomes, and how our organization compares to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).  

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