Legislative Alerts

The NANP has joined forces with other holistic nutrition organizations to form the Holistic Nutrition Coalition. The Coalition will stay on top of political threats to holistic nutrition at the state and federal levels. Our Coalition will monitor and report on legislative and policy threats, develop contacts in the state legislatures, and provide action alerts, as well as advice and counsel to Coalition members and their supporters. 

Get INVOLVED - March Action Alerts:

Federal Items:

Wellness Coach Resolution

The NANP endorses the ENRICH (Expansion of Nutrition's Role in Curricula and Healthcare) Act. Click here to view the letter from Congressmen Tim Ryan and Pat Tiberi.

ENRICH Act Action Alert

State-Specific Action Alerts for March:

NEW! For appropriate legislative issues, we're now including sample action letters that supporters who are not nutrition professionals can send to their State Representatives. Please forward these to your clients, friends and families for maximum impact!





February Action Alerts:

Idaho  -  Update: Legislation in Idaho that would have severely restricted the rights of holistic nutrition professionals to practice has failed to pass! Despite being rewritten in response to our concerns, the legislature saw this for what is was; an attempt to restrict your right to practice. This is a great victory for holistic nutrition! It is unlikely we will see this issue come up again this year, but we will closely monitor to be sure nothing comes back at the 11th hour.





January Action Alerts:

Federal HR309


New Jersey

New York

North Carolina