January 2017

Note from Our President: Miriam Zacharias

On the morning of October 27th, I jumped out of bed like a shot.

We had just spent two busy days at the annual NANP staff retreat and had another half day to go. On our to-do list was to revise our mission and vision statements; we had nailed down the former but were still noodling over the latter. At 5 a.m. on our final meeting day my sleepy brain sparked to consciousness with one burning thought about our vision and I couldn’t wait to talk with the team about it. I can’t wait to share it with you, too.

But first I’d like to tell you about my friend Craig.

Craig was a successful radiologist who had seen the light (no pun intended) and wanted to redirect the course of his professional life. Although he had a family to support and a steady, healthy paycheck, he dreaded the idea of spending the rest of his days staring at x-rays.

Instead, he wanted to help middle-aged women struggling with hormone imbalance to get their lives back. It was a big jump, he said, “from reading pictures to treating humans.” But Craig was chomping at the bit and ready to move forward. He’d completed his functional medicine training, quit his job, and signed a lease on a property where he would open his cash-pay medical practice.

Although a change like this can be terrifying, Craig was willing to risk financial failure to achieve his dream. That’s because he had a bigger vision for his life – a calling – something many of us deeply understand.

My entrance into this work came about through personal tragedy, a domino effect that started with one horrible, avoidable medical blunder that led to the destruction of my entire immediate family. My anger launched me out of my corporate career and into the world of holistic nutrition. You may have chosen this work out of a deep desire to help people, like Craig. Perhaps you or a loved one suffered from an illness that wasn’t being solved by mainstream medicine and you decided to take matters into your own hands.

The point is that few of us had parents who insisted that we pursue a career in holistic nutrition. We came here by choice – sometimes at great personal sacrifice. We left steady jobs with insurance and retirement benefits often to the dismay and confusion of our loved ones. Most of us felt we had no choice but to pursue this path.

 While our stories and journeys differ, we all have one thing in common: a profound connection to our work and a destiny to fulfill based on a foundation of whole food nutrition. This passion is the unbreakable bond that connects us and strengthens our community.

 Which brings me back to my epiphany from that morning in October.

 As the retreat discussions marinated in my head overnight, I thought about Craig’s vision and how it guided his efforts. But he was a solo practitioner, not a large association. I asked myself “Even though we each came here from different places and for different reasons, is there any one vision of the future that all NANP members collectively believe in? What long-term change do we all want to make happen in this world through our work?”

It seemed like a tough task. Was it even feasible to identify something that applied to us all?

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 Announcing Our Keynote Speakers 

Terri Tate

      Terri Tate                                Ann Louis Gittleman

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What is Health Coaching?
By Joel Kreisberg, DC, ACH, CCH

I’m not sure I truly knew. I had been an integrative physician for over 20 years, prescribing homeopathy and what I call ‘nutritional medicine’, which is basically using nutritional products for treating chronic illness. When a client needed to really learn about how and what to eat, I referred to my small cadre of certified NANP folks.

In 2011, I took a coaching class with Integral Coaching Canada, mostly just to learn more, went on to complete their program, and received certification from the International Coach Federation.

From there everything changed. My sessions got longer rather than shorter and my clients came back more because they valued our conversations as much as their results.

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