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NANP Board of Directors

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 Miriam Zacharias Photo

Miriam G. Zacharias, MS, NTC, BCHNTM

Miriam is dedicated to helping natural health enterprises achieve unparalleled success.

She is author of the definitive marketing text for natural health entrepreneurs, The PEACE Process, and teaches marketing, leadership, and other practice management topics at health industry conferences and schools throughout the country. Miriam also strategizes with wellness industry leaders to help them realize remarkable levels of performance and joy in their work.

Following nearly two decades as a sales and marketing executive at high-tech giants Microsoft and Oracle Corporation, Miriam obtained credentials in holistic nutrition, sports nutrition and executive coaching and ran a thriving nutrition practice in southern California. She holds an M.S. in Human Ecology from the Ohio State University, is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant and is Board Certified in Holistic NutritionTM.

Miriam has been an active board member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals for more than 8 years. She is honored to now serve its members as President.

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 Photo of Susan Barendregt MNT, CHT, BCHN®


Susan Barendregt, Functional Nutritionist, BCHNTM is a graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute's Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified Herbal Therapist programs. In 2007, she became one of the first to be Board Certified in Holistic NutritionTM by the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board. She has served on NANP's board of directors since 2012 and was elected to serve as Vice President in January of 2017.

Susan has advanced training in Functional Endocrinology, Neurotransmitters and the Brain, Functional Blood Chemistry and more. Combining this with her Bachelor's degree in Statistics, Susan sees one of her primary roles as helping people cut through the nonsense and noise to find real answers that work in the arena of health and nutrition.

Susan is a public speaker and serves as adjunct professor at Portland Community College's Institute for Health Professionals. She is the creator of Balanced and Clear, a 5-week detoxification and inflammation reduction program that teaches participants how to eat for lifelong physical and mental balance and clarity. Susan maintains a virtual practice which allows her to work from her home in rural Wisconsin as well as her sometimes home in Prague, Czech Republic. More about Susan and her work at and

Photo of Julie Rauch, NANP President TREASURER

Julie Rauch, MBA, NC is a Certified Nutrition Consultant & Natural Chef graduate of Bauman College. She began her service at NANP on the executive board of the (then) Berkeley branch in 2005. She joined the national board in 2009 as treasurer before stepping into the role of president in 2012. In private practice, Julie specializes in hard to resolve health issues including: hormonal imbalances, chronic infections, and heavy metal & chemical chelation using whole food supplements. She teaches practical "no excuses" healthy eating and cooking strategies to support the health and well-being of her clients. Certified in AcuPoint Integrative Testing (AIT), Julie uses this comprehensive system to evaluate her client's unique nutritional needs and create customized supplement protocols for them without the need for laboratory testing. Julie is the nutritionist for Advance International, Inc., producer of the odorless, tasteless, marine-based Advance Protein Powder. In addition, she provides nutrition consulting services to the employees of Standard Process of Northern California.

Barbara Rodgers SECRETARY

Through her own health struggles with multiple sclerosis and a remarkable healing journey, Barbara Rodgers, NC, BCHNTM  found a passion for holistic nutrition and now counsels others dealing with autoimmune issues, infertility and chronic disease.

Barbara began her education in holistic nutrition following a 25+ year career in the financial services industry where she held senior management roles within highly respected, international organizations.  

Her second career within the healthcare industry has given Barbara the chance to combine her business savvy, leadership skills, and expertise in delivering results, with her passion for holistic, natural healthcare.

Along with serving on the Board of NANP, Barbara has an active private practice, consults for organizations locally in the Philadelphia area, and will publish her first book later in 2017 on holistic nutrition for conception, fertility and pregnancy.  She will also continue to seek out educational opportunities to expand and deepen her knowledge in the field of nutrition. 

Barbara is living proof that even “incurable” diseases can be managed without toxic medical or pharmaceutical intervention, and strives for holistic health choices to one day be widely known and accepted.

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Sarica Cernohous

Sarica Cernohous, L.Ac., MSTOM, BSBA is a nationally-certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine, practicing Japanese-style acupuncture and LED Light Therapy.  Sarica authored The Funky Kitchen, a primer on the basics of traditional food preparation, from which her online course, “Fresh, Fun and Flavorful in The Funky Kitchen” is based.  She is a board member for the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), and a continuing-education provider for the NANP and the NCCAOM (Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) through her coursework with The Funky Kitchen.  With Dr. Jack Tips, Sarica co-founded the teaching platform, The Belly Garden and is a coach for Metabolic Balance of Germany.  Sarica has created the LAPIS Method, a fusion of lab-based, personalized, whole-food nutrition with education of the importance of and techniques around traditional food preparation methods. She resides in northern Arizona with her husband and two children.  

Tammera Karr Photo

Tammera J. Karr, Ph.D., BCHN™, CGP, CNW, CNH, is an author, public speaker, educator, researcher, and clinician. She has served as a nutrition advisor to wellness programs and presented at local, regional, and national conferences. She writes a weekly health column for a local newspaper, blogs, and reviews and contributes to national board exams. Passionate about nutrition as the key to stopping many modern illnesses, Tammera authored Our Journey With Food, in 2015 and the second edition in 2018. Tammera began actively mentoring Holistic Nutrition and Holistic Nursing Clinical Practitioners, in 2015. In 2016 she joined the adjunct faculty at Portland Community College CLIMB Center where she shares her years of knowledge with students in the Holistic Nutrition Therapy program.

Additionally, Tammera serves on the National Association of Nutrition Professionals' Board of Directors (NANP) and organization committees and the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association Board. Over the years she has gained National Board and Advanced Certifications to expand her knowledge and effectiveness in the area of Holistic Nutrition and Integrative Health Care options.

Tammera established an Integrative Medicine partnership in 2006 where she worked in a clinical setting with DO’s, FNP-C, Acupuncturists, Herbalists, ND’s and others. In 2015, Tammera changed to a virtual office model, making it possible to meet with clients with greater flexibility, time and cost savings. Tammera’s clinical and education practice is ever-evolving to meet the needs of clients, and fellow practitioners who wish to empower others through holistic health.

A Native of Oregon, Tammera is enthusiastic about spending time outdoors. She enjoys history, cooking, canning and food preserving, and exploring in her free time. She currently resides in Southern Oregon with Husband Michael, Australian Shepard Sadie, and cat Molly.

Photo of Janet Ludwig, PhD Janet Ludwig, Ph.D. has the primary goal to assist in consolidating the healthcare efforts in the United States to be more integrative. Her belief is that the first step is founded in nutrition and lifestyle.

Her life has revolved around integrative healthcare working with clinicians, academicians and researchers. She has been fortunate to be in research and teaching for more than twenty years and her goal is to assist in consolidating these professionals to be more interdependent. She has the desire to educating and motivating the professionals in regards to understanding the science and its new developments and mechanisms of the nutritional and lifestyle processes for improved health. These mechanisms, which have been her focus of research, have assisted in understanding the role of nutrition influencing the intrinsic inflammatory process that may go awry and result in diseases. As an educator and researcher, she uses this experience to expand knowledge and apply new scientific developments to healthcare professionals in order to improve health.
Kariman Pierce Photo

Kariman Pierce, NTP, CGP has a very personal passion for supporting women who were recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She has worked for 15 years “turning over every leaf” to put her own Celiac Disease into remission and lives an inspired life full of gratitude, a life she never thought possible. Kariman now helps other women with autoimmune issues to reinvent their lives and start thriving again.

Her vision is a world where individuals with Celiac and other autoimmune diseases are routinely given a holistic protocol, thereby providing them with an incomparable opportunity to live a life they love, instead of staying stuck with uncomfortable symptoms and a disappointing outlook.

Kariman is a Nutritional Therapist, Celiac Consultant, and Holistic Business Mentor. She has a B.A. in Media Arts, is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Certified GAPS Practitioner, Certified Gluten Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner-Level 1 and a Licensed RESTART Program Instructor. Kariman sees clients at Blue Oak Naturopathic Clinic in Tucson, Arizona. Concurrently, she runs a distance practice serving nutrition and wellness clients with a balanced focus on healing diets plus healthy lifestyle, habits, and mindset. She also teaches and mentors heart-centered holistic business owners to set measurable goals, break through obstacles, stay organized and be accountable to themselves while they pursue their passion.

Kariman feels a strong sense of advocacy for her profession and is honored to sit on the board of the NANP and support its mission.

Kariman is currently working toward her Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition, to be completed in 2018.

Visit Kariman's website at or her Facebook page at

Photo of CC Raeside, MS, MBA CC Raeside is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, combining two Masters degrees (MS in Human Nutrition and an MBA) with over 35 years of corporate business experience (including program management, strategic alliance management, and sales). Her goal is to educate and help others take control of their lives to improve their health, nutrition, and fitness effectively and efficiently, and enjoy the life they were meant to attain. Special areas of interest include functional laboratory testing, helping professional “type A” business people achieve optimal health and fitness.
Photo of Julie Thenell, BS, MS, NC

Julie Thenell, BS, MS, NC believes good health is as close as your kitchen. Board Certified in Holistic NutritionTM, Julie’s practice is based on nutrient-dense whole food and lifestyle choices that support health and well-being, especially during times of high stress and transitions. Her role is to educate, guide and support individuals in positioning themselves to better respond to the inevitable stressors of life.

In addition to her private nutrition practice and serving on the NANP Board of Directors, Julie is a Distance Learning Instructor for Bauman College. She is proud to align herself with professionals who share the belief that nutrition and lifestyle play critical roles in health and are taking steps to make significant changes in the health of our nation.

Part of Julie’s “lead by example” lifestyle includes hiking, biking, running, swimming, snowshoeing, reading, cooking and sipping tea. She is on a mission to inspire others to live a vibrant life in spite of daily stressors. Learn more by visiting